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Denmon Digital Services

On-site & off-site computer & network

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wireless systems.


What is DDS?

Denmon Digital Services has been serving New York City and surrounding vicinities since 1995 and continues to meet and exceed client expectations.  The company specializes in small business and professional office solutions -- wired and wireless applications for all types of business, home, and commercial ventures, all through word-of-mouth advertising.

The company's continued success is the ability of the personnel to walk through your specific issue or problems over the telephone or we will come to you! Day and night. *

  • Network services, 24/7

  • Computer maintenance and repair, 24/7, on-site or off-site

  • Training for individuals and groups

All services are provided by our highly qualified, degreed personnel who will customize to fit your needs.


Network services from planning, based on your specific ethnographic and budgetary requirements, to execution and configuration, all the way through to technical support.


Computer services range from standard maintenance, cleanup, and upgrades to installation and troubleshooting of your own designed tools and peripherals.


Training & teaching services are available on an individual and group session basis for application-based education and hardware configurations that are customized within your current working environment.  Our degreed, teaching professionals show the utmost care and concern in your development in the face of technology.  They start from what you DO understand and give you a level UP (or as much as you want to learn!) on your understanding of computer technology.


For business and home use, our qualified instructors can provide education for Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), graphic programs (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and a wide range of 3-party vendor applications), as well as digital and wireless devices (iPod, Palm pilots, and blackberry units.)

We can also provide basic and advanced instruction in computer system configuration, wired and wireless network configurations, or just teach you how to use your printer or scanner, "surf the Internet," or set up a web site!

In this world of 24 hour requests and requirements, DDS will rise to the occasion and resolve your issues, affordably and efficiently.

We are here to solve your computer and network problems and give you the business solutions you seek.

All our employees are brought in with a minimum of a bachelor or masters degree in the fields of computer science, interactive telecommunications, and technical engineering.


Thank you for your consideration.

* Immediate on-site response is limited to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx. Travel time and/or expenses may apply in New Jersey and Northeastern Pennsylvania.



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